Featured Photo: May 8, 2010

Studio Flash portrait.

Tech specs:

Canon 30D + Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS; Photogenic strobe (single) with a softbox. I don’t remember what power setting it was on.

1/125 at f/11.0; ISO 100. f=72mm

Thanks for looking.

Featured Photo: March 29, 2010

For lunch today, I went home to eat and instead of  driving back, I walked through Loring Park taking pictures on the way. A lot of then were snapshots were I would take the picture and move on without seeing how it looked. Here is one looking up at a tree silhouetted by the sun.

Tree in Loring Park, March 29, 2010

Tech Specs:

Canon 30D + Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS. 1/3200″ at f/8 and ISO 200. f=17mm.

Elements of Light: Color

This part of the Elements of Light is focus on the use of color as an accenting feature of shot.

In this shot, I used a bottle of Irish Manor Legendary Irish Cream Liqueur that the PHDI department has as a prop.

Irish Manor Legendary Irish Cream Liqueur

To light this shot, I used two lights, a main light and a color light. The main light is bare with a large scrim in front of it softening the light. The color light has two blue gels in front of it which both knocks down the amount of color, but also makes it a bit more intense. I also used is a reflector next to the color light and one next to the main light. Both reflect in the bottle providing form. Continue reading “Elements of Light: Color”

Medium Format: Dundas

I shot the following three shots with a medium format Mamiya 645 camera system. I used the following lenses 45mm f/2.8, 80mm f/2.8, 150mm f/4.

The assignment was to shoot a city and what better city to  use than the small town of Dundas, Minnesota. Instead of the typical city scenes, I shot along the Cannon River and go some nice landscapes within the city limits.

The first scene is on the river where a spring lets out into the river. The spring is farther up the hill and results in some nice open water.


The second scene is of the walk bridge between the east and west sides of Dundas.

Walk Bridge

The third scene is with the Archibald Mill.

Archibald Mill

Tech Specs:

Mamiya 645 with Ilford FP4+ (ASA 125) film. Shots were about f/11, 1/125 at ASA 125. For those that don’t know ASA is the same as ISO speed.