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Photography: Minneapolis style.


Traffic Time Lapse in front of the new Downtown Lunds

The new Lunds strore just opened on June 14, 2012 in Downtown Minneapolis and I thought it would be a good idea to a good time to do a time lapse of the building. I wish I could have gone longer, but maybe next time.

Night at Hennepin and Franklin

First night time lapse.

My Second Time Lapse!

Time Lapse number 2 is in the books!

My first time lapse!

I completed my first time lapse image on Sunday. It’s of traffic at the Lowry Tunnel and on Hennepin Avenue in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minn.

Canon 1D MkIIN; 1/400 @ f/8; ISO 400; f=21mm

One shot every second; 692 shots total.

Associated Collegiate Press’s 26th Annual National College Summer Jounalism Workshops


2:20: I just got done shooting a video. Will try to get that bad boy up on YouTube soon. My partner was Jackie Cain of the Echo at St. Michael’s College in Vermont.

Earlier I had Burger King: double cheeseburger and a strawberry shake. Delicious as always. Nice walk down Washington Avenue.

10:20: After a delicious pizza and wings dinner last night, Andrea, Ben and I all headed out separate ways and I am now back at the U of M.

Sitting in with Ron Johnson again. This time: 10 design tips.



Back with Ron Johnson of Indiana University. This time the workshop is on Fundamental News Design. Same room (Murphy 228) as with Joel Eisfelder.

Hopefully I’ll learn some good stuff to apply to City College News.

Ron Johnson on Fundamentals of News Design

Ron Johnson on Fundamentals of News Design


After a delicious lunch at Dairy Queen, I am now sitting in on the “National Advertising & Your Newspaper” workshop with Joel Eisfelder of Campus Media Group.

Joel Eisfelder of Campus Media Group

Joel Eisfelder of Campus Media Group


I’m currently at the “InDesign Tips to Improve Typography” session. Speaker is Ron Johnson of Indiana University.

Very interesting so far. Learning a lot and reinforcing what I already know, or thought I did.Ron Johnson Speaking


David Brauer is speaking right now. Very interesting so far.

David Brauer of MinnPost.

David Brauer of MinnPost.


I got here not that long ago and have registered. The Keynote speaker starts in 15 minutes. The speaker is MinnPost’s David Brauer. Will keep you readers updated as times goes by. Hopefully I’ll be learning about quite a few things here: Advertising, Layout/Graphic Design and some “cutting edge” audio/video techniques.

Temperance River Cliff Jumping video

Here is a video I shot on July 6, 2009 while up north for the Fourth of July. This is at the Temperance River State Park right on the North Shore. People can jump off the cliffs surrounding a pool of water near the mouth of the river.

It can be dangerous, so I recommend having at one other person with if you try it. If you’re a minor, I also recommend having an adult present. Serious injuries and deaths have a occurred in this area, so always be careful. This year, the current is especially strong.


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