A bit of back lighting

In class yes­ter­day, we were work­ing with ra­tio (the dif­fer­ence be­tween the true tone of a sub­ject and it’s shad­ow side). Us­ing a re­flec­tor, we filled in the shad­ow par­tial­ly. In this case, I had a scrim in front of the hot light di­rect­ly be­hind and slight­ly above the sub­ject and had light bounce back onto the face of the clock.

A clock and a paint brush.

Tech­ni­cal Information:

Canon 30D + 17–85 IS. 1/20, f/6.3, ISO 200, f=85mm. Used a Low­el Omni Light with the barn doors wide open and a scrim in front of it. Relec­tor was sil­ver-col­or met­al (maybe alu­minum of some kind).

Big thanks to my “as­sis­tants” for this shot: Beth and Amanda.

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