Back in Minnesota now

Got back to Min­neso­ta on Sun­day af­ter­noon. The whether was wet on the trip back with dri­ving rain in Iowa and slush and very light, but wet snow near the Min­neso­ta Iowa bor­der. Cleared up around Owa­ton­na. As soon as I got home, my dad took me out to the New Buf­fet in North­field, which was the first real food I’d had since I left for Iowa (I won’t count fast or catered food as real food).

The third and fourth ses­sions went okay for the Aug­gies. They did­n’t do as well as I had hoped but still got sec­ond place in the com­pe­ti­tion with one in­di­vid­ual na­tion­al champion.

Pics from all ses­sions to follow.

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