Featured Photo: December 6, 2011

Be­low is a pho­to from this week­end. Un­like the last blog, this is wom­en’s ice hock­ey be­tween Augs­burg and Gus­tavus. The game was a score-fest, with Gus­tavus notch­ing a 9–0 win.

Augsburg goalie Brianna Schulz was powerless to stop No. 7 Gustavus's potent offense including this goal by Mollie Carroll (left) in the third period of a NCAA Div. III women's hockey between Augsburg vs. Gustavus Adolphus. Gustavus won the contest 9-0, including 4 goals scored by forward Allie Schwab (not shown). (Caleb Williams/d3photography.com)
Augs­burg goalie Bri­an­na Schulz was pow­er­less to stop No. 7 Gus­tavus’s po­tent of­fense in­clud­ing this goal by Mol­lie Car­roll (left) in the third pe­ri­od of a NCAA Div. III wom­en’s hock­ey be­tween Augs­burg vs. Gus­tavus Adol­phus. Gus­tavus won the con­test 9–0, in­clud­ing 4 goals scored by for­ward Al­lie Schwab (not shown). (Caleb Williams/d3photography.com)

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