New project: Vanilla 2 phpBB3

While most of my work these days is re­lat­ed to pho­tog­ra­phy, I do have a few oth­er hob­bies, one of which is pro­vid­ing sup­port on ph­pBB is a fo­rum sys­tem, based on a cod­ing lan­guage called PHP. As part of that project, I be­came aware of a small­er, less-well-know fo­rum so­lu­tion called Vanil­la. I want­ed to test my­self and see if I could cre­ate a con­vert­er for switch­ing from Vanil­la to phpBB3.

Thus, the Vanil­la 2 phpBB3 project was born. The project is be­ing host­ed by Source­Forge and has a nu­mer­ous fea­tures, in­clud­ing a blog. The process of cre­at­ing the con­vert­er will take some time, but it should be worth it in the end.

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