Temperance River Cliff Jumping video

Here is a video I shot on July 6, 2009 while up north for the Fourth of July. This is at the Tem­per­ance Riv­er State Park right on the North Shore. Peo­ple can jump off the cliffs sur­round­ing a pool of wa­ter near the mouth of the river.

It can be dan­ger­ous, so I rec­om­mend hav­ing at one oth­er per­son with if you try it. If you’re a mi­nor, I also rec­om­mend hav­ing an adult present. Se­ri­ous in­juries and deaths have a oc­curred in this area, so al­ways be care­ful. This year, the cur­rent is es­pe­cial­ly strong.


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